January 17, 2024

TWIN SEEDS WP4 Workshop Unveils Preliminary Findings on the Environmental Impact of GVCs

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On the 16th of January, a workshop was organised by the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha to discuss the first findings of Work Package 4 of the TWIN SEEDS project.

TWIN SEEDS’s WP4 on “Recent and emerging trends of GVCs and MNEs: impacts on the environment” focuses on the environmental impact of GVC. More specifically, it studies how political instability, trade protectionism, and the pandemic have accelerated new trends in international trade and global value chains reconfiguration. These evolutions impact the environment at several levels, depending on economies’ production specialization and technology adoption.

As part of Work Package 4, the research examines topics such as recent trades in international trade and the consequences on carbon footprint, the opportunities and challenges of new business models built on circular goals and MNEs as diffusors of environmentally-friendly corporate standards and practices in the host markets. Once the research is finalized, the final WP4 report will include key policy recommendations.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive updates on the research and final WP4 findings, which will be unveiled in the latter half of 2024.

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