January 31, 2024

ONLINE WEBINAR: Increasing Sustainability and Resilience in Supply Chains

Join us on February 26th for an engaging online webinar hosted by TWIN SEEDS in collaboration with our Sister Projects, RETHINK-GSC, and ReSChape. The event will delve into the critical theme of Increasing Sustainability and Resilience in Supply Chains.

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Globalization has shifted trade patterns and dynamics, value chains and production networks, enabling EU companies to integrate into global value chains and create jobs. However, these transformations also pose social, economic, and environmental challenges, such as productivity divergence, labour market effects, working conditions, and lack of strategic supply security, among others. The need has arisen to conceptualize these patterns in light of the EU's long-term policy priorities of social resilience and competitive sustainability and analyse the impacts of different trade patterns on EU value added, labour market, income inequalities, decent work, and social cohesion.

New initiatives are mandatory taking into consideration the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the related public health crisis on trade patterns and global value chains as well as the impacts of international trade disruptions, due to the lockdown measures, on added value, and EU employment.

With this in mind, the TWIN SEEDS, RETHINK-GSC and ReSChape EU-funded projects were conceived to study how to increase social and environmental sustainability of resilient supply chains. Policy scenarios and recommendations will also be developed to help supply chains and global value chains in fair, inclusive, and sustainable trade patterns.

The combination of the three projects will deploy multi-disciplinary methodologies and target multi-dimensional aspects, developing cross-sectoral and forward-looking responses, involving external stakeholders and experts, including European social partners, regional and national authorities and international trade, labour market and social policy experts.

The online webinar will be a good opportunity to gain insight into the main aspects and research goals led by each project.

TWIN SEEDS will provide a short overview of the impacts of global value chains' restructuring caused by economic crises on value added and employment at regional macro-economic level.

Title: Global value chains’ restructuring: recent trends and impacts on EU countries and regions.
Speaker: Roberta Capello

RETHINK-GSC will present the status of the European companies regarding the resilience of their SCs, exploring current changes and ongoing challenges (COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine war, energy crisis, etc.) in global SCs.

Title: Assessing the resilience of European companies in the face of global supply chain challenges.
Speaker: Márta Bisztray

ReSChape will unveil innovative ways to organise SCs for sustainability and resilience explaining how SCs are putting in place actions transforming their processes and changing the way they collaborate at different levels.

Title: Supplier development strategies for social sustainability: evidence from European companies.
Speaker: Dimitra Kalaitzi

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