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Rethink Global Supply Chains (GSCs)

International production, trade, and global supply chain (GSC) patterns have undergone changes, created change and transformed the world. To understand the changing nature of GSCs, it’s important to consider employment and social impacts. This is the goal of the EU-funded RETHINK-GSC project. Specifically, the project will quantify the role of knowledge flows and services inputs. It will consider the increasing importance of intangibles in global production and provide novel ways of analysing the impact of GSCs on social, economic and environmental outcomes in European countries. Researchers will work closely with stakeholder experts from national governments, businesses, and international organisations. The findings will benefit policymaking.


REshaping Supply CHAins for Positive social impact (ReSChape project)

As a result of the recent pandemic, global value chains have completely transformed. This has raised concerns over the ensuing social, economic and environmental trends and related impact on the way supply chains are organised. In this context, the EU-funded ReSChape project will analyse social, economic and environmental changes and disruptions, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and evaluate their impact on supply chains.

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