Work package 5

WP5 stems from the recognition that global value chains will undergo significant transformations in the decade ahead. The changes will be driven by a push for greater supply chain resilience (magnified by the pandemic), which adds to existing pressures from the technology revolution, growing economic nationalism, and the sustainability imperative as outlined in WPs 1-4. It is often claimed that the restructuring of global value chains will lead to regionalization, reshoring, nearshoring, multi-sourcing and less fragmented value chains, this WP will scrutinize to what extent this is actually happening. The changing geography of GVC will lead to winners and losers. Some countries, regions and firms will become key hubs, while others will lose out and become more peripheral. The analyses will examine the effects of these changes on productivity of GVC and the competitiveness of multinational companies, as well as on firm-level risks and resilience.
Lead Partner: CBS
Starting/End date: May 2023 September 2024
Contributors: POLIMI, wiiw, RUG, UNIMIB, CBS,

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