Work package 3

WP3 studies the reorganization of GVC that followed the challenges highlighted in WPs 1-2. This reorganization involved both the restructuring of activities and the re-allocation of tasks and functions across space, with important implications for jobs, working conditions, and inequalities. WP3 aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the different influences GVC may exert on regional labor market scenarios and outcomes, such as employment, the composition of the labor force, wages, job quality and working conditions, by using national/regional data at industry- and employee-level at the highest possible level of disaggregation. WP3 will investigate the effects of changes in the organization of GVC both on labor markets at the sectoral and regional level and on working conditions and generated new or exacerbated existing inequalities. The quantification of these effects and their pervasiveness across sectors and over space will help policy makers at different levels of governance to find the most effective ways of taking advantage of GVC participation.
Lead Partner: UNIMIB
Starting/End date: May 2023 September 2024
Contributors: POLIMI, wiiw, RUG, EUR, TBS,

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