Work package 2

WP2 aims at understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on GVC organization. The negative trade effects of Covid-19 related shocks may have both mitigated or augmented participation in GVC. These effects vary by sector, depending on their GVC structure as well as the level of digitalisation. This WP will focus on three major issues: i) the reorganization of GCVs in different sectors, paying particular attention to the internal reorganization of firms in terms of both employment strategies and relations with employee representatives; ii) the wider issues of security of supply across GVC during the pandemic, highlighting their fragility; iii) the impact of COVID on GVC organizationin the health sector as it struggled with shortages of personal protection equipment (e.g. face masks), life-saving mechanical ventilators and vaccines.
Lead Partner: PUEB
Starting/End date: March 2023 November 2023
Contributors: wiiw, UNIMIB, CBS, AIT, EUR, TBS,
Report: read here

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