Work package 1

WP1 paves the way for large parts of the analyses undertaken in the entire project. It does so by investigating the impact of shifting policy orientations and new technology–the ‘twin seeds’ of the New Normal in Europe–on Global Value Chains (GVC) and trade patterns more generally, during the wave of globalization which started in the early 1990s and has ended with the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the policy domain relevant shifts are certainly identifiable within trade policies, but also in investment and industrial policies, as well as wider geopolitical developments. In terms of the technology domain, the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the focus will be on the emergence of digitalization. Attention will be paid to the fact that different digital technologies are likely to have had varying impacts on trade patterns and GVC. WP1 will feed into other WPs, in particular the thematic WPs on employment and inequality (WP3), the environment (WP4), growth and productivity (WP5) as well as the WPs on scenarios (WP6) and policy recommendations (WP7).
Lead Partner: wiiw
Starting/End date: October 2022 June 2023
Contributors: RUG, UNIMIB, AIT, EUR, TBS,
Report: read here

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